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Be a More Efficient Driver

How would you score your driving abilities these days?

For many drivers, their driving abilities do not meet the standards to be safe on the roads. That said they continue driving. If you’re someone who has great driving abilities, you want to steer clear of those who do not.

So, when was the last time you stopped to think about the type of driver you are?

Make Sure You Adhere to the Rules of the Road

In trying to be the best driver out there, here are a few keys to achieving such a goal:

  1. Know the rules – Of most importance, be sure to know your state’s driving laws. Sure, you may have passed your learner’s permit and driver’s license tests years ago, but things change over time. As such, it is not a bad idea to pick up a copy of your state’s DMV handbook. Read through it to see if there have been any notable changes in the years since you took your driving tests.
  2. React to others – There will be times when you will want to react one to the actions of other drivers. That said do all you can to avoid road rage. All road rage does is have you and others in harm’s way. You are better off turning the other cheek and moving along. Sure, you want to lash out at times, but is it worth it?
  1. Keep focus on the road – Whether your phone or you have a desire to eat while driving, don’t get distracted. It only takes a split-second distraction on your part to lose control of your car or truck. If that occurs, you could end up paying for it in more ways than one. Use your phone or eat your meal after you have arrived at your destination.

Does Your Vehicle Measure up When it Comes to Safety?

Even though your actions behind the wheel are crucial to being safe, your vehicle plays a role too.

For instance, what if your vehicle has any of the following issues:

  • Tires – Are your tires not at the right inflation levels or are the tread on one or more of them all but shot? Either of these problems can lead to an accident sooner than later. Check the tires on a regular basis for wear and tear. Remember, the tires are one of the easier parts of the vehicle to keep an eye on.
  • Brakes – If you hear some squeaking in the brakes, this is a warning that they need some attention. Take your vehicle into your mechanic’s shop and have the brakes checked out. Although it may not quite be time for new ones, at least you are now on alert.
  • Lights – A burned out taillight or headlight is more than an inconvenience. Not only could you get pulled over by the police, you could increase your odds of an accident. Make sure to keep an eye on your lights on a regular basis.

Safety Over Money

If you are trying to save money with your vehicle, be careful how you go about that.

Sure, you may be working off of a family budget.

As it turns out, millions of people do that. That said you do not want to skimp on vehicle needs to save a few dollars here and there. Doing so could set you up for an accident. If that occurs, your expenses could be much more.

Always have your vehicle in prime condition for each time it takes to the roads.

By doing so, you and everyone around you will be safer for it.