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Reasons Why You Need A Technology Detox

When was the last time you used your free/ idle time to read, talk a walk, call a friend, or even nap, instead of turning to your phone or computer? Do you remember the last time you went outside because you felt the need to and your social media feed didn’t hold you back?

Let’s face it. Even though technology has changed the way we do things, increasing efficiency in different areas of life, it is also zapping the life out of. More cases of teenagers with depression and other mental issues are on the rise, not to mention the dwindling productivity of even a leading car accident lawyer Surrey because of social media addiction.

If you find yourself exhausted even after spending hours watching cute cat videos, or if you are under numbing levels of stress, it’s time to take a chill pill.

If you are unsure whether you need a technology detox, answer these questions?

  • Do you spend more time than you intended on social media?
  • Do you feel dissatisfied or even guilty afterwards?
  • Is FOMO your biggest motivator?
  • Do you get uncontrollable urges to check your phone?
  • Are your days too short to get everything done?

Well, if you have answered yes to one or all these questions, then you need a tech detox.

Here are the other reasons why you need time off from technology.

  1. You will get back to the moment

A few days without technological gadgets will stop the constant anxiety and overwhelming stress levels. The sad part about being on your phone most of the time, even in between tasks, is that you hardly have time to reflect or think things over.

Your body is constantly overreacting to the world with technology telling you what is urgent and what isn’t. Do you realize that none of the urgent things on social media do appear in the urgent section of your to-do list? There is your answer.

  1. A break will bring you closer to your family plus friends

Are you aware of everything happening in the lives of your family and friends? Do you feel detached from life? Perhaps it is time to hit the reset button. If you and your friends or family go for dinners, lunches or brunch and you realize that everyone posted something on Instagram or Facebook, then you are all in deep trouble. You can start by committing to putting away phone during meals, family games, and even talks. You will reignite the bonds in your lives

  1. You will meet more people

Did you notice the cute guy standing next to you on the subway? Did you see the new coffee shop at the corner? Chances are, you didn’t because your surroundings don’t matter as much as your phone.

If you have been complaining about not meeting new people, you might want to start by keeping your phone away a few minutes. That person who interrupts you could change your life forever.

  1. You will save a lot of time

How many times do you get home and wonder why you didn’t want a task you were confident you would complete? Go back to your day and take a log of what you need. You will be dumbfounded by how much time you waste on social media. Technology drains time.

  1. Lastly, you will sleep better.


  • Delete social media apps from your phone so that you only access them on your computer
  • Leave your phone in a different room
  • Turn off your phone after business hours or during weeks
  • Turn off notifications
  • Check social media at the end of the day and when exhausted.