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Tips For Securing Quality Tenants

Do you have an investment property and are seeking a new tenant? Maybe you’re a first time landlord and are looking for suggestions on the best ways to secure quality tenants that will take care of the property and meet all the terms of the lease. Follow these suggestions from the industry professionals to secure the highest quality tenants.

Prepare the property for lease. You can’t rightfully ask something of your tenants that you’re not prepared to undertake as well. Ensure the exterior of the property has no deferred maintenance or need of painting. Attend to the landscaping by trimming, mowing and updating as necessary. Curb appeal has huge value when renting a single family home or townhouse. If you are leasing a condominium, clean the front door and replace the doormat if necessary. On the interior of the unit, paint all of the rooms a bright, fresh color and steam the carpets, hardwoods and tile as needed. Pay particular attention to the cleanliness of the bathrooms and kitchen. There should be no evidence of prior tenants. Ensure that all appliances, including HVAC are in working order and have been cleaned and serviced.

Take advantage of the savings offered by Groupon coupons and head to Walgreens for basic office supplies that you will need to create a marketing piece to leave in the property for prospective tenants. This flyer should include several photos, room counts, lease terms, and your contact information. Identify the online websites to be used for listing your property for rent. Include multiple photos and a detailed narrative description of the property. The more information you include, square footage, distance to shopping, school district, etc. the higher the chance you will attract qualified prospects that are truly interested in your property.

Prepare a tenant application, terms of lease and actual lease. Have these on hand for showing and be prepared to forward them digitally to prospective tenants as well. Respond quickly to inquiries and be flexible in establishing meeting times for prospective tenants. Conduct basics prequalification on the phone to respect everyone’s time. Best of luck to you!